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HWA visits redevelopment proposals exhibition for Orione House in Station Road

Orione ho

The HWA has been invited by PRC Architecture and Planning to “attend and inform our members” of the redevelopment proposals for Orione House which were exhibited on Wednesday 11th July at Sons of Divine Providence, 13 Lower Teddington Road from 4pm – 8pm. It is a shame that the consultation was for such a short period of time and we are aware of members who were unable to attend in during these hours.

The HWA Planning Officer attended the exhibition and his comments can be read by clicking here.

HWA introduces recurring annual subscription payments

For a long time many members have been asking to be able to set up automatic annual subscriptions to avoid the risk of forgetting to renew their subscription and to generally make life simpler.

It is surprising how frequently many people think they are members only to discover that they’ve forgotten to renew. Some people even paid several years ago and think they are still members.

Now, with recurring subscriptions this should be a thing of the past. There is also a facility to make a regular donation for those of you who want to give more but don’t have the time to be fully involved.

If you change your mind, no problem, simply sign in to your PayPal account and stop the recurring payment.

Click here to set up a recurring annual HWA subscription now.

Click here to pay for a one-year HWA subscription only.

If you have any comments on this news story, please let us know: info@hamptonwick.org.uk.

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