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HWA Extraordinary General Meeting

on Thursday 14 April 2011 at 7.30pm

SECRETARY Fraser Wilson

and other Members, including Committee Members.
Apologies: Adam Spencer – Treasurer, Magdalen Miles, Dorothy Allen, Brenda Robson, Chris Lee.

Chairman’s statement: Chris Drayson introduced himself as the Acting Chairman as Pat Parsons had stepped down and no-one had been elected to replace her. He did not want to see the Association close down as had seemed a real possibility following the AGM. The reason for the EGM was that the Committee had seen a problem at the AGM. Some people, including a number from outside Hampton Wick, with an interest in a single issue had wanted to make that issue the main point of discussion at the meeting. But the Association was more than just a single issue
organisation. Also it was of and for the people who lived and worked in Hampton Wick. While welcoming interest from others outside Hampton Wick, the Committee did not believe that they should have the same role in the Association as the people
of the village. The Committee was therefore proposing changes to the Constitution to have only residents and those working in Hampton Wick having the right to vote at the AGM. As one of those who had drafted the present Constitution, the Acting Chairman had always assumed that these would be the people who would have the main say in the Association. He asked for an end to the heartache and a calm summer.

Proposed changes to the Constitution: Some questions were asked from the floor. The Acting Chairman showed a map of the Hampton Wick ward and said that it was
being proposed that those qualifying as full members would be those who lived or worked in this area. People with paid or voluntary jobs in the area would qualify if these took up at least 15 hours a week.

The Secretary explained the main proposed changes and said that there would be some consequent changes and some tidying up on minor issues. He then read out
the proposed amendments:

Article 2 to read: “Full membership shall be open to all persons who live or work in Hampton Wick. Associate membership to be open to others.” and the first sentence of Article 9 to read “Full members present at the Annual General Meeting shall have
the right to vote, including to elect the officers and Committee for the ensuing year from among full members of the Association.” – Passed unanimously.

Article 6 to read: “The Committee shall consist of the above officers plus eight other members”. – Passed unanimously.

Article 7 to be amended by the addition of a comma and “website,” after “Newsletter”, and “independently examined” inserted in place of “audited”. – Passed

Article 8 to read: “The financial examination shall be carried out by an independent examiner appointed at the Annual General Meeting.” – Passed by a large majority.

Any Other Business:
Colin Pain reminded the meeting about Chestnut Sunday and encouraged members to attend.
A member asked whether there had been any success in getting permission for residents to take their rubbish to the nearby Kingston tip to avoid having to go right
across the borough to the Richmond tip. The Acting Chairman regretted that this had been refused.

The meeting closed at 7.50pm

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