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The latest on Crossrail 2

Following some rather alarming-sounding rumours about new railway sidings being built in Hampton Wick, and conflicting information being given by Crossrail and Network Rail, the HWA has been trying to get to the bottom of what is actually being proposed.

Our latest understanding is that Network Rail are still developing their plans. The current thinking is that Crossrail 2 will bring an extra six to eight trains per hour between Central London and Kingston. Since there’s nowhere for them to turn round in Kingston, these extra services will run as far as Hampton Wick, giving us a much more frequent train service.

Currently they are proposing to turn the trains around somewhere between Hampton Wick and Teddington. They wrote to our chairman Mark Merrington as follows:

“Our emerging idea is to create 1 or 2 ‘reversing sidings’ between the running lines between Hampton Wick and Teddington stations, as there is some space on our land there for at least one new 250m section of track in that area that is sufficiently straight, and that we can do at reasonable cost. The existing running lines would be moved slightly further apart, well within the boundary of our own land, to place the new section of track in the middle. Trains would then be able to use these reversing sidings to turn back without delaying other trains passing through. If we were to install two reversing sidings, they would not be alongside each other, instead one would be located behind the other, further towards Teddington.”

Naturally our neighbours in Teddington will want the extra train services to reach them too. This would mean that the trains could turn around at the Strawberry Hill Depot without the need for significant new engineering work which would seem sensible. We will stay in touch with the Teddington Society on this.

The really exciting news is that information supplied by Crossrail 2 refers to step free access being provided at Hampton Wick! We’ll try to find out more about this.

For clarity – Crossrail 2 isn’t going to happen until 2030.

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