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HWA Fish & Chips Quiz Night 2017

Monday 14th August 2017

HWA Fish & Chips Quiz Night 2017

Iain Burgess holds aloft the winners' trophy

On a sweltering hot June evening some 50 members and guests met up at the Hampton Wick Royal Cricket Club pavilion to battle over the famous Hampton Wick Milk Bottle, the trophy for the winners of the Hampton Wick Association’s annual quiz.

David Rees was again the quizmaster and again he produced a quiz which taxed the general knowledge of all involved. Who knew that Evelyn Waugh’s first wife’s first name was Evelyn or (we can always dream) that we need at least 10 million to qualify as a multi-millionaire? Well, several did.

Hampered by a smart looking portable PA system that added a squeal every so often, David ditched it half way through and relied on his own dulcet tones. Most people heard the remaining questions although there was the occasional “repeat please” or even “What!”.

After a final question, elicited by David from a Google of “the worst quiz question ever”, it was time for the fish and chips, which arrived from the Teddington Fish Bar bang on time.

An interval of munching and discourse ensued, with some people happy to go for fortuitous seconds of the fish and chips, before our MC, HWA Chairman Mark Merrington, called the room to order.

Keeping the suspense of learning the answers going, he moved on to the raffle with prizes of several tempting looking bottles and an off-the-wall can of craft beer.

Several happy people later it was at last time for the answers. The sheets were exchanged and answers ticked off – or not. The standard was high but it came down to a struggle between two teams who, after the quizmaster consulted the (non-existent) rules, were declared joint winners. They will have the great honour of displaying the milk bottle for six months each.

This was a great fun event and a real opportunity for meeting new people and seeing old friends. Next year’s quiz – and the fish and chips – is highly anticipated. Report by Fraser Wilson

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