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Save Our Signs

Tuesday 15th August 2017

Save Our Signs

Some Hampton Wick street signs

Hampton Wick has some lovely old street name signs – see photos for a small selection of our favourites.

In our view, these are a defining part of our village’s history and character. We think they should be restored with a lick of paint and stand proud for the future instead of being removed and replaced by unpleasant modern steel printed signs.

We have approached Councillor Arbour to ask him for his or the council’s help. Unfortunately he has no suggestion for statutory protection pointing out that some signs are on private property [most are not] but he added that community groups may be able to help. So, if the council can’t/won’t do anything then The HWA will volunteer to restore these lovely old signs ourselves. In most cases, there is nothing a wire brush, some black and white paint and a steady hand won’t fix.

Do you support this HWA campaign? Would you like to help us? Do you have some particular favourites not mentioned in this article?

Email: info@hamptonwick.org.uk

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