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January Planning Update

Monday 29th January 2018

January Planning Update

69 and 71 High Street January 2018

Many of you will have seen the new porches being added to the row of cottages on the High Street at numbers 69 and 71. Indeed we know many of you have because you’ve been in touch with the HWA about them!

The comments on the porches themselves are, to be fair, mixed. Most people who have contacted us don’t like what they see but a few people do think they may be an improvement on what was there before.

We don’t like the current design of the porches (see below for our formal objection) but that’s not really the point. The problem is, once again, that it appears the whole planning process is being subverted. An application has been submitted and later amended but it has not yet been considered by the council let alone approved. And yet the develepers have been able to press on with their works, despite people telling the council about their concerns.

We have alerted our local councillors, but to little effect.

The developers in this instance clearly realised they needed permission and indeed submitted their application and drawings – all good so far. Why not then wait for the process to complete, including consultation, and then allow our planning authorities to make a decision?

Are they relying on the strength of a fait accompli? Does this happen too often?

Go along on Thursday 1st Feb, 6pm at Teddington School and ask!

HWA Objection sent via the LBRuT planning website
Yet another Application for Town Planning for building works  already under construction and nearing completion, as if a consent is a given.  The new proposals are inappropriate as they can be seen to dominate not only  the existing houses they serve but the entire row of cottages, being bold and  bulky. In this part of the high street porches are modest in their massing and  secondary to the dwellings beyond. Now the eye is taken to these porches,  contriving to create a focus and hierarchy in the street with these two dwellings  dominating. In terms of the details there is ambiguity. The right­hand porch  (i.e. to no. 71) ‘finish to match existing house’ (dwg 202) whereas the Design &  Access Statement says ‘painted brick to match main house’. The existing house  (71) is fair faced brick. The new construction is of hard, machine­made, bricks  which do not match the existing. But then, nor would paint. Maybe ‘main’ means  no. 69? Furthermore the porches are wrongly detailed, being of valley  construction but, naively, without a central downpipe. Already it can be seen  that the run­off of rainwater is staining the brickwork. Finally, the demolition of  the front garden wall, which was characteristic of this part of the High Street,  begs the question of what is proposed. It would be good to be told, as part of  the Application.  

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