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Station pedestrian crossing - latest news

Sunday 22nd March 2020

Station pedestrian crossing - latest news

Roadworks outside Hampton Wick Station

We wrote on Wednesday 11th March that the above works were overdue for completion and that the latest deadline for the works was then Friday 13th March.

Now we have been told that the latest deadline for the new lights to be installed is Monday 23rd March.

There have been multiple problems in this area since the main works were finished and whilst we have waited for the new lights to be installed. Frequently the temporary lights have failed or been inadequate. We’ve had reports of impatient motorists sounding their horns, jumping the temporary red lights and speeding through the road works. Clearly motorists shouldn’t be doing this as they are endangering other motorists and pedestrians alike. This selfish behaviour is particularly wrong in the current environment when emergency/health workers and delivery drivers need to go about their work more than ever.

The problems caused by the ongoing delay from TfL in supplying the new lights have been compounded by the inadequacy of the temporary lights which have repeatedly failed motirsts and pedestrians alike. We have had a great response from Cllr Brown and Cllr Millard in trying to sort these problems out, but otherwise the whole situation seems to have been handled very badly.

Even when the new lights are installed, we will be pushing for the area to be monitored and further safety measures put in place. Motorists speeding through under the railway bridge and on to the High Street are, sadly, nothing new. This area has always been a worry. It’s a spot where motorists meet large numbers of pedestrians, many of them getting on and off buses, runniung for trains, going to school etc. There have been frequent accidents at the junction with Vicarage Road.

As any driver knows, the shape and design of the road there tends to encourage a “put the foot down” response in even the best motorists. Once the new lights are in and functioning correctly we will continue to look for safety improvements, perhaps revisiting the plan put together by the Hampton Wick Association and the council back in 2007 which was subsequently dropped in the light of cutbacks during the recession.