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Graffiti on the increase

Sunday 31st October 2021

Graffiti on the increase

Graffiti as you enter the Borough

Many of us have noticed the recent rise in incidents of graffiti around Hampton Wick.

We can all help to combat graffiti by reporting it. In our experience, the council is prompt in responding to complaints – so it’s really down to all of us to make sure we let them know as soon as we’re aware of a problem. You can report graffiti here: www.richmond.gov.uk/graffiti_removal

Graffiti Oct 2021 1

The council’s policy is: “We will remove graffiti from private properties and from small businesses (less than nine staff nationally) free of charge, and from large businesses (more than nine staff nationally) on request for an annual fee of £120 or a one off removal fee. We remove graffiti where we have permission (as long as it is accessible and not higher than three metres) within five working days, or within one working day of notification if it is racist or offensive.”

We’d like to think that the council will also put pressure on other organisations (eg. Network Rail or Kingston University) to clean up their own buildings. Again, they’ll only be able to do this if we report graffiti when we see it.

Graffiti Oct 2021 3

As we know from the recent problems on Kingston Bridge, it is important that graffiti is removed as quickly as possible. If left in situ, paint can seep into some surfaces, such as porous stone, leaving permanent stains.

Graffiti Oct 2021 4