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Update - Kelly's Dance Studio - another application submitted.

Sunday 8th May 2022

Update - Kelly's Dance Studio - another application submitted.

The recent application to convert the historic Kelly’s Dance Studio (formerly Hampton Wick Assembly Rooms) into residential units caused some discomfort with the building being a local landmark and pretty much unchanged for almost 150 years.

However, the application was approved subject to specific conditions. Now another application has been submitted which apparently seeks to make further changes. Furthermore it is a poor application with floorplans etc missing so that it is quite unclear exactly what the developer’s intentions are or even how many floors are proposed.

We have objected to the recent application as detailed below.

You can see the details of the application, read the existing comments and make your own comments on the Richmend (LBRuT) Planning Portal by clicking here.

Hampton Wick Association objection to the latest proposal

We object to these proposals for the following reasons;
There is inadequate information to enable an understanding of what is proposed and make an assessment. We find this
misleading. Specifically, based on the new window levels it looks as if a new floor is proposed. Is this correct and if so
what is the floor plan? (The Existing Elevations drawing shows floor levels; the proposed elevation drawing notably does

The windows do not appear to relate to the proposed floor plans as previously shown on application 21/3859/GPD26 (e.g.
a 1st Floor kitchen/dining has no window and nor is a roof light proposed).

change). Will there be another application, perhaps with additional rooflights or even windows?

The proposed windows are not in keeping with the rest of the area. The existing windows in this building – and virtually all
nearby – are vertical in nature and, if not exactly ‘golden rectangle’ 1:1.6, of good proportions. The proposed windows are
horizontally orientated and squat in appearance and therefore out of place. Furthermore, the resulting blank band above
the windows changes the nature of the building